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We are the agent and manufacturer of polyurethane products.

Polyurethane Panels with interior insulating layer for external walls
  • Polyurethane(PU) sandwich panels Advantages
    1.Light in weight, easy to install, save more construction period and low the cost.  

  • Product overview

    1. Excelent Sound Insulation, heat insulation, waterproof and damp resistant with it's

    good appearance. 

    2. Size: 120x60x5cm  60x40x5cm  according to client's request

    3. Large load: Used as supporting structure and defense device for it's characteristic of high

    intension rigidity. 

    4. Panel length is according to the buyer's request, and the steel color is flexible as your request that  

    makes your building more beautiful. 

    5. Eco-friendly