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Multi-layer sponge mattress
  • Size: 200cmx180cmx5cm, 200cmx150cmx5cm, 200cmx90cmx5cm.
    Note: length, width and height can be customized according to requirements
    Multilayer sponge details: the first layer is 4cm 29d expanded cotton 99x203x25cm
    Layer 2- 4cm 50d memory foam137x190x25cm
    Layer 3- 4cm 25d area 3 sponge 152x203x25cm
    Layer 4- 13cm 29d ordinary sponge 193x203x25cm

  • Product overview

    Product introduction:
    Cover material: cotton and spandex, bamboo fiber, 100% cotton, cotton and linen, polyester fiber, etc.
    Cover Can be customized.
    • mildew-proof, antimicrobial, porous, soft and durable.
    • anti-tearing sponge with long service life.
    • clean surface without dust and debris, reusable.
    • keep dry and ventilated for longer service life
    •density can be customized