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We are the agent and manufacturer of polyurethane products.

Clothing sponge
  • Introduction of product:
    •Features:mildew,proof, antimicrobial, porous,soft feeling, last long.
    •Foam sponge resists tearing for extended life
    • Surface rinses free of dust and chips for repeated use.
    • Keep it dry and airy for longer lifetime.
    • Can be cut to smaller size for use and save.
    •All dimensions and shapes can be customized.
    •Packing:Compression rolled vacuum packed, or according to customer requirements

  • Product overview

    ISO9001 quality system

    2. Soft, good touch feeling, comfortable;

    3. Samples are free by demand;

    4. Shapes by demand 

    5. Size by demand

    6. density by demand

    7. colors by demand

    8. timely delivery goods.