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  • Product overview

    3600 is a silicon foam stabilizer used in the production of polyether polyurethane foam and moulding foam. It is a block copolymer of polysiloxane and polyoxyene.






    Cloud point4% water solution


    PH4% water solution



    Keep in original condition storage life of more than 12 months in non-hot and severe cold environment. 3600 freezing point below 20 ℃ below zero, so it is resistant to low temperature, but suggest that the temperature up to room temperature before use.


    3600 is a highly active silicone oil stabilizer. Due to its good balance between processing width and activity, it can be used in the production of block foam and mold foam at the same time.

    3600 used for block foam

    3600 used for mold foam

    There are many advantages in processing a wide range of silicon stabilizers that enable many different reactive formulations to safely produce porous foams.This provides a high level of spirituality for production, for example:

    Ø From the cost and to obtain specific reasons for the plurality of alcohol.

    Ø Changes in the use of chemical agents to adjust the bubble in preparation and maturation time.

    Ø The adjustment of the dispensing side is based on special requirements.

    In the above case 3600 provides safe processability.Use 3600 in pouring foaming to make the surface of the foam smooth.

    Due to the excellent nucleation of 3600, it can be used in the production process with liquid CO2 as the physical foaming agent. The produced block foam has a good bubble structure and low apparent density.

    3600 is good for use in seaweed foam production.

    The distribution of density and hardness on the block bubble section is very important in the block bubble.

    If the foam stabilizer is used with a higher tolerance, the product will be more evenly distributed.

    From the perspective of stability, it is difficult to choose the stabilizer of the foam formula for two reasons:

    First of all, because of the special polyols and higher mold temperature, the reactivity of the formula is higher.

    Secondly, the molding process consists of two parts.

    The other requires stable support because the foam has to fill the parts of the mold with complex shapes.

    From these two perspectives, it is clear that non-filling and overstabilization can be avoided by using a silicon stabilizer that provides a wide workability.


    210kg per iron drum,

    1000kg plastic storage tank.


    3635 is a general purpose siloxane surfactant for the production of polyether polyurethane foams. It is a non-hydrolytic high activity stabilizer of polysilane-polyoxane copolymer.



    550-800 mPa.s


    1.02-1.03 g/cm3

    Cloud point4% water solution


    PH4% water solution



    The storage stability of the 3635 is 12 months, provided that it is kept in its original condition and protected from sudden heat and severe cold.

    3635 freezing point is below minus 10 ℃, good cold resistant, but still warm up to room temperature before use.

    Production instruction:

    3635 can be mixed alone or with water and amine into the mixing head. In the general foam formulation it can be dissolved in the mixture in various proportions and experiments have shown that 3635 and common tertiary amines can be stabilized at room temperature for at least 5 days.


    3635 is used as a stabilizer for polyether soft foam. Because of its high activity, it can get higher economic benefit in production. When foam system needs more stability support, especially when it is used for low density or pure PPG polyether system containing hydroxyl value 56, it can show its advantages.

    Although the 3635 is highly active, its range of processing is very wide. So it is definitely suitable for low and medium density recipes. The use of 3635 is not limited by the type of foaming agent and different formulations. Its high efficiency and reliability reflected in: it can be used in the current market for a variety of common foaming agent, and can be used for box or machine continuous foaming safety production.

    Its high activity results in high gas production and thin substrates, which can bring high economic benefits to foam manufacturers. Because of its high activity, the foam density can be slightly reduced (e.g., from 31.8 kg/m3 to 31.6 kg/m3 or from 17.7kg/m3 to 17.05kg/m3) even when the amount of silicone oil used is less than 10% of other conventional silicone oil.

    If the formulation contains flame retardant, the 3635 will enhance its flame retardant effect. This particular effect makes the 3635 very popular in the manufacture of flame retardant soft foams to flame retardant standards or flame composites.


    210kg drum,

    1000kg plastic storage tank.