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Gel sponge mattress
  • Size: 200cmx180cmx5cm, 200cmx150cmx5cm, 200cmx90cmx5cm.
    Note: length, width and height can be customized according to requirements

  • Product overview

    Product features:

    1. The unique heat-absorbing gel in the mattress absorbs the body heat and lowers the body temperature, allowing you to enjoy a cool, relaxing and comfortable night rest

    2.  the perfect combination of high quality memory foam and support foam.This kind of memory foam mattress can improve sleep quality.

    3.Feel: solid support, but feels like a soft mattress.This is our strongest mattress.It provides a stress-free sleep and reduces tossing and turning.

    4.We constantly change the composition of the mattress to improve the feel and quality.Although we try to make sure the feel and support are the same, it is normal to have slight differences in the feel of different batches.

    5.Cover material: cotton and spandex, bamboo fiber, 100% cotton, cotton and linen, polyester fiber, etc.

    Cover Can be customize

    6.Mildew-proof, anti-bacterial, porous, soft and durable.

    Anti-tearing sponge, long service life.

    7. The surface is cleaned without dust and debris, and can be reused.

    8. Keep dry and ventilated for longer service life