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Gel seat cushion
  • Size 45/35/7cm

  • Product overview

    Features: the gel memory foam has the ability to match your unique body shape and weight while providing a mild cool feeling.This comfortable, close-fitting feeling makes you feel like you're sitting on a mat, not a mat, and helps keep your body temperature in the optimum range for deep relaxation.


    Name: cooling gel memory foam seat cushion

    Style: modern

    Color: blue/white/black/pink/red/

    Material: polyurethane gel

    Features: massage, cooling, health,

    Part: butt

    USES: car seat, chair, floor, hotel, outdoor

    Process: foaming

    Filling: polyurethane foam

    Pattern: simple

    Cover fabric: polyester/cotton/velvet

    Pu adhesive + memory foam cushion with cover, suitable for furniture, office...

    Stress relief, anti-fatigue, can help you sit for a long time.

    With removable cover, easy to clean.

    You can use gel or you don't, it's up to you.