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March 3th Polyurethane raw material market information
Views:473 Updated:2021-03-03
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The two sets of 120,000 tons/year of Hangjin Technology are operating normally at full load, most of the supporting polyethers are used for their own use, and the remaining small amount is exported, and they are operated without pressure. They are now remitted to Shandong for an offer to 18,800 yuan/ton. The actual order is mainly negotiated.

Yantai Wanhua’s 240,000-ton/year propylene oxide plant is operating normally at full capacity, and the Shandong mainstream market has delivered cash to an offer of 19,300 yuan/ton, most of which are for self-use, with limited export sales, and mainly supply contract customers.

Binzhou Jiahua’s 200,000 tons/year ordinary soft foam polyether plant is operating normally, Shanghai Jiahua’s 150,000 tons/year polyether plant is currently operating normally, and the latest offer for bulk water and wire transfers: ordinary soft foam price 19400 yuan/ton, POP2045 price 17,700 yuan/ton, real order negotiation. (Shanghai Jiahua offer +300)

Shandong Binhua's 100,000-ton/year polyether plant was operating at full capacity. At present, the factory's latest offer for bulk water acceptance and delivery: ordinary soft foam 5631 is quoted at 19,200 yuan/ton, high resilience 330N is quoted at 19,000 yuan/ton, and POP2045 is quoted at 17,700 yuan/ton. The actual order is negotiable.

Hard foam: Hebei Yadong polyether plant is operating at full capacity. Barreled rigid foam polyether 4110 oil-free cash leaves the factory today, the offer is stable at 15,800 yuan/ton, and the actual order is negotiated.

Hard foam: Shandong Binhua hard foam polyether plant is operating at full capacity. Today, the hard foam polyether 4110 does not contain oil and bulk water acceptance and is reported to be stable at 15,600 yuan/ton, and the spot is tight.

Hard foam: Hebei Quanzhen's 10,000-ton/year hard foam polyether plant has suspended operation. 4110 is now excluding oil barrels and the factory offer is 15,200 yuan/ton in cash, and the actual order is negotiated.

TDI: The East China market has been sorted out, and the pessimism has eased. The Shanghai BASF plant was shut down unexpectedly for a short period of time and is expected to resume today. In addition, Shanghai Covestro’s price guidance price has been raised by 3,500 yuan/ton to 20,500 yuan/ton, and the guidance center of gravity is once again strong. The secondary market was boosted by this, and the willingness to sell out weakened, and the willingness of some eager to make profitable shipments was slightly slack. The overall downstream purchasing enthusiasm is not good, and slow follow-up is the main reason. For domestic goods with tickets, the reference is 18500-19000 yuan/ton, and for Shanghai goods with tickets, the reference is 19000-19500 yuan/ton, which is stable compared with the previous working day.