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March 10th Polyurethane raw material market information
Views:466 Updated:2021-03-10
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Aggregate MDI: The East China market fluctuated and the atmosphere in the venue was a little stalemate. The industry paid more attention to the news of the new factory prices, and appropriated profitability for shipments. The downstream follow-up was weak and the transaction was poor. At present, the reference price for the delivery of barrels in Shanghai with tickets is around 25,500 yuan/ton, and the reference of Wanhua barrels for delivery with tickets is 25,600-26,000 yuan/ton.

TDI: The East China market is temporarily stalemate, the mainstream market is stalemate and stable, the transaction atmosphere is light, and more real orders are discussed for shipment. For domestic goods with tickets, please refer to 17300-17500 yuan/ton, and for Shanghai goods with tickets, please refer to 18000-18500 yuan/ton.

The supply of low-VOC soft foam polyether from Shell in Singapore is tight. The latest guidance price in East China this week is 19,800 yuan/ton, and the real deal fluctuates slightly.

Hard foam: Zibo Nuoli 40,000 tons/year hard foam polyether unit started to stop production on 2.7, and the acceptance offer for 4110 non-oil barrels was raised by 200 yuan/ton to 16,400 yuan/ton

Yantai Wanhua’s 240,000-ton/year propylene oxide plant was operating normally at full capacity, and the Shandong mainstream market delivered cash to an offer to 19,700 yuan/ton

Two sets of 120,000 tons/year of Hangjin Technology are operating normally at full capacity, most of the supporting polyethers are used for their own use, and the remaining small amount is exported, and they are operated without pressure. They are now sent to Shandong and raised to 19,400-19,500 yuan/ton.

Dow soft foam polyether supply is tight, the latest guidance price in East China is 19,700 yuan/ton