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March 26th Polyurethane raw material market information
Views:426 Updated:2021-03-26
Today's market

Aggregate MDI: The market learned that Shanghai Huntsman’s April listing price was 28,000 yuan/ton, which was unchanged from the previous month, and the settlement in March was 25,000 yuan/ton, an increase of 4500 from the previous month.

Hard foam: Shandong Binhua hard foam polyether plant is operating at full capacity. Today, the hard foam polyether 4110 does not contain oil and loose water is accepted and reported to be stable at 15,900 yuan/ton.

Hard foam: Today, Ningbo Wanhua Rongwei 120,000 tons/year polyether device is operating at full capacity. Currently, hard foam polyether 4110: non-oil barreled cash ex-works offer to 19,100 yuan/ton, and oil content executes 18,600 yuan/ton barreled cash Factory

Hard foam: Changshu Uniforms 200,000 tons/year production capacity is currently in normal operation, and the barreled hard foam polyether 4110 oil-free acceptance factory is reported to be stable at 16,400 yuan/ton.

About 80% of DXN’s 330,000-ton/year polyether plant is in operation. Today’s bulk water spot exchange ex-factory latest offer: soft foam bulk water is quoted at 19,700 yuan/ton, high resilience 330N bulk water is quoted at 20,000 yuan/ton, and elastomer bulk water is delivered. The quotation is 21100 yuan/ton, the ex-factory price of POP3628 bulk water is 21100 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of 45G bulk water is 18600 yuan/ton.

Shandong Binhua's 100,000-ton/year polyether plant was operating at full capacity. At present, the factory's latest offer for bulk water acceptance and delivery: ordinary soft foam 5631 is quoted at 19100 yuan/ton, high resilience 330N is quoted at 19200 yuan/ton, and POP2045 is quoted at 17,700 yuan/ton.

Hangjin Technology (Fangdajinhua) polyether plant is currently operating at around 60%. Bulk water spot report ex-factory offer: soft bubble offer 18,900 yuan/ton, high resilience offer 19,000 yuan/ton, elastomer offer 19,500 yuan/ton, POP3045 offer 17900 yuan/ton, POP3630 offer 19,000 yuan/ton, hard bubble 4110A barrel Packing price 15500 yuan / ton

The 3 sets of 350,000 tons/year in Shandong Xinyue site are operating normally at full capacity, with a daily output of 1,250 tons, some of which are for self-use and most are exported. The factory reports the ex-factory offer to 19500-20000 yuan/ton

Due to the overhaul of the power plant, the two sets of China Shipping Fine Chemicals' two sets of propylene oxide equipment with a total annual capacity of 62,000 tons will be suspended from March 19th. The expected duration is 10-12 days.

Two sets of 120,000 tons/year of Hangjin Technology are operating normally at full capacity, most of the supporting polyethers are used for their own use, and the remaining small amount is exported, and it is now remitted to Shandong for an offer to 19,600 yuan/ton.