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April 13th Polyurethane raw material market information
Views:433 Updated:2021-04-13
Today's market

TDI: The East China market is stable and small. The overall market atmosphere is light. The downstream inquiries are not very active. Holders are actively taking orders. Refer to 15300-15500 yuan/ton for domestic goods with tickets, and Shanghai shipments with tickets. Disk reference is around 15700-15800 yuan/ton

Aggregate MDI: The North China market negotiates and reorganizes. Through higher prices, downstream resistance to high prices is gradual, high transactions are blocked, and the negotiation space for holders is significantly expanded. Shanghai barrels with tickets are shipped near 19700-19800 yuan/ton; Huahuo barrels with tickets out of the warehouse refer to the vicinity of 20000-20200 yuan/ton.

Hard foam: today Ningbo Wanhua Rongwei 12 o'clock / year polyether plant is operating at full capacity, the current hard foam polyether 4110: non-oil barreled cash ex-factory offer to 17,800 yuan / ton, oil-containing implementation of 17,300 yuan / ton barreled cash delivery , Real order can be negotiated.

Hard foam: Hebei Quanzhen 1 insertion/year hard foam polyether device is operating normally, 4110 has ex-factory price of 15,000 yuan/ton in cash in non-oil-free barrels, and real order negotiation.

Barreled rigid foam polyether 4110 oil-free cash will leave the factory with an offer of 15,700 yuan/ton today, and the actual order will be negotiated.

About 80% of DXF's 33 annual/year polyether installations are in operation. Today’s latest offer for bulk water is at 18100 yuan/ton, POP3628 bulk water at 19,600 yuan/ton, and 45G bulk water at 17,100 yuan/ton. , The ex-factory price of high-resilience 330N bulk water is 18,900 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of elastomer bulk water is 19,800 yuan/ton.

Wanhua Chemical's flexible foam polyether with an annual production capacity of 40 units is generally operating normally. The latest offer from the factory: the ex-factory price of soft foam F3156 bulk water is 18,300 yuan/ton, the ex-factory price of high resilience F3135 bulk water is 19100 yuan/ton, POP2045 The ex-factory price of bulk water is 17,000 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of POP3630 bulk water is 18,700 yuan/ton. The actual order shall prevail.

Binzhou Jiahua’s 30 units/year ordinary flexible foam polyether devices are operating normally, of which 10 units/year new devices are successively producing products, Shanghai Jiahua’s 15 units/year polyether devices are currently operating normally, and the latest offer for bulk water and electricity transfers: ordinary soft The bubble price is 18,000 yuan/ton, and the POP2045 price is 16,800 yuan/ton. The actual order is negotiated. (Shanghai Jiahua offer +300)

Shandong Jinling's 16-ton/year anchor ring two sets of devices are operating normally at full capacity, with a daily output of 540 tons, and the ex-factory offer is 17900-18000 yuan/ton, low-end large-scale household prices.

Dongying Huatai Chemical's 10 tons/year propylene oxide plant is operating normally at about 80% of the load, with a daily output of more than 200 tons, and the ex-factory offer is 17900-18000 yuan/ton.

Yantai Wanhua’s 24 ton/year cyclic insertion device is operating normally at full capacity, and the mainstream market in Shandong has offered cash at 18,700 yuan/ton. Most of them are for self-use, with limited export sales and supply to contract customers.